Oberhasli Breeders of America

  The founding breed club for Oberhasli dairy goats

Premier Youth

Premier Youth Award
Each year the Oberhali Breeders of America awards a Premier Youth Award to a young person for their outstanding showmanship of an Oberhasli.
To be eligible for the award:
  • All youth must be 19 or under
  • The youth, or family must be a current OBA, and ADGA member in good standing
  • The showmanship animal may be a Grade, American or Purebred Oberhasli
  • Shows wins must be at an ADGA sanctioned show

    Any youth that meets these requirements can fill out the printable Premier Youth application and mail it to:



    Vanessa Mills

    8177 N Amswarth Dr.

    Hayden, ID 83835

    Email: [email protected]