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Oberhasli Breeders of America

The founding breed club for Oberhasli dairy goats

Swiss Belle Awards

Each year the OBA Swiss Belle Program showcases those animals exhibiting exceptional dairy qualities in production, milk components and genetic consistency. The program is based on Dairy Herd Improvement records for milk, butterfat and protein. The program recognizes member owned animals meeting specific criteria at several award levels.

It is open to Purebred, American, Grade and Experimental Oberhasli does as well as Oberhasli bucks siring productive daughters for a sire award. The winners of these awards are listed in the OBA newsletter, on the OBA website as well as submitted to national dairy goat publications.

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Swiss Belle Program Guidelines

Swiss Belle Application

2020 Award Winners

2019 Award Winners

2018 Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

2016 Award Winners

2015 Award Winners

2014 Award Winners